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Guided and self-guided e-bike tours of Dublin and Wicklow.
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About Greenaer Tours

Greenaer Tours was founded on the principle that sightseeing and tourism in Ireland need to be as economically and environmentally friendly as possible. This led us to the idea of using e-bikes from Greenaer. These e-bikes help to reduce the carbon emmisions of tours, whilst also helping cyclists up those steep hills through its electric assistance, ensuring everyone from the fresh beginner to the seasoned cyclist can enjoy the trip.

Greenaer Tours currently operates two tours - "Discover Dublin" for those wishing to take a tour through the rebellious city of Dublin, and "Explore Wicklow" for those who appreciate the beauty found in the Irish countryside of the Garden of Ireland.

Take only photographs, and leave only tire prints.

Discover Dublin

This route has been developed to hit all of the key cultural and heritage aspects of the city of Dublin. Accompany us as we pay homage to the fallen heroes of Ireland at the Glasnevin Cemetary, carefully ride along the Grand Canal, explore the inner city along the Liffey, finally taking in the beautiful scenery of Phoenix Park, ending up at the iconic Áras an Uachtaráin (Presidential home).

With any luck we shall see some of the animals indigeounous to Ireland, such as the deer in Phoenix park, and if we're extra lucky, maybe even Michael D. Higgins.

Cyclists who book early tours have the opportunity to check out Dublin Zoo after our tour is complete, as that is also in Phoenix Park. Just let your tour guide know your intentions at the beginning and they will make sure to show you how to get there.

Explore Wicklow

This route entails family-oriented features and activites, definitely one to bring the kids on. Follow us as we explore Wicklow, the Garden of Ireland, observing the Wicklow Way from below we shall travel from the coastal village of Bray, down through the port of Greystones, witnessing the beautiful lochs of Roundwood, finally reaching the enchanting Glendalough!

Explore the history of the ancient site, take in the beauty of the round tower, the immensity of the lake, observe where monks spent their time in solidarity and mine for gold in the Miners Village!

This is a tour you cannot miss! The strenous journey helped through the e-bikes, this will surely be an experience to remember for a life time.

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